by Juliana Ghoush, Beth Tikvah—B’nai Jeshurun

On February 21st, we learned about different ways to help children learn in a fun, interactive environment. We first had a session with our guest speaker, who taught all of us the beauty in all the different games, objects, and strategies to help a child learn in a unique way. We got into different formations and tried different games with this guest speaker, talking about how important hands-on activities were. We threw a ball, rolled dice, and through all of this were able to understand how this can help a child stay attentive and excited to learn.

We then went to a room where there were various stations, including board games, arts and crafts, and more. These stations showed us various interactive ways to get a child up and moving, or awake and excited in a classroom.

This TAP session was very memorable and helpful, especially for someone who teaches younger kids at Hebrew school. This opened my eyes to the many and different ways a child can be present and active in a classroom, as my knowledge and experience was more limited to zoom at the time.